Monday, July 7, 2008

A Typical Day in Africa

Hello all,
Just wanted to share with you a day in Africa, or at least Liberia...We have gotten accostumed to having our days not go as planned...and this last Saturday was no exception. Here's how it went.

9:15-Woke up, having missed 16 calls, on each of our phones. (It is almost a sin not to answer your phone here...even if you are in church)

9:30-Planned a "possible" lunch date around 1:00 or 2:00 but cannot go past 3:00 because we have another engagement

10:30-a friend stopped by and told me he heard we had a lunch date set, but I had not received a call back confirming yet

10:35-Call confirming lunch date, pick us up at 12:30

12:00-Student from school stops by to visit

12:45-Driver comes to pick us up and we say goodbye to student; we thought out friend was going to be in the car with us but is nowhere to be found-so we leave anyways

12:55-Call from friend-he is coming to our house-and he hangs up

1:00-Call friend back and ask where he is...we will come and pick him up

1:10-Pick our friend up, and he asks, " Where is E.?" He is back at our house, he was supposed to come with us, as well as the student who came by to visit (we had no idea and sent her home); so we head back into town

1:20-Stop by school-the local Federation for the Deaf decided to hold a meeting, that I (Tricia) am supposed to attend, but that we had no idea about since they never confirmed the meeting-they just showed up and expected for it to work out

1:30-finally leave for lunch

1:40-Have lunch

2:45-Get ready to leave for 3:00 appointment

3:30-Arrive at last appointment

So...hopefully this helps you experience what it can be like sometimes here. My mom thinks that we don't plan or schedule things out very well or far in advance....we plan far in advance compared to our Liberian friends.

Just a taste of Africa...

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