Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Deaf Educator Workshops

As Aaron stated in the last post, I have had the opportunity to conduct some Deaf Educator Workshops at the schools in Monrovia. The first one was completed this last week, and two more will be completed in the following weeks at different schools. Since there is no training for Special Education teachers, let alone, Deaf Educators, the teachers were excited to be participants.

I originally planned to do a five day workshop but as Africa goes, it got narrowed down to two days, and it was really rainy the second day, so attendance was lower...but overall, I believe it was successful. Even though it was hard to share the knowledge I gained in 4 years at ISU in just two days, I was able to share some important points. Hopefully the information will stick with the teachers.

The rest of this week, I plan to do some more observations in the classroom at Hope for the Deaf, to gather more information about the students before I go. I am starting to write up a report about my work here, so that will keep me busy as well.

Hope all is well for you.


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Anonymous said...

we're so proud of you guys and we are praying for you! keep the updates coming!!

ohh yea, we're moving to colorado in two weeks.
and...italy was fantastic. can't wait to fill you guys in on everything!

love you both,

sean and lizzy