Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A look on the lighter side


Tricia and I have spent a good portion of the last few days in the bathroom, so instead of filling you in with those details I am going give you all a list of the food that we miss most and are craving. We sat down and quickly filled a sheet of paper with some very detailed requests.


There is a pizza place here but it just isn't the same. We want Monical's pizza with bread sticks and cheddar dipping sauce. We didn't talk about toppings, but there should be some French dressing involved.

We would also like some Villa from Mattoon and Tobin's from Bloomington. We would enjoy some homemade Alfredo pizza from Tricia's mom and I have very specific request from Papa John's. BBQ sauce, hamburger, extra cheese, bacon, mushroom, ham, and banana peppers.


We want to go to a good sandwich shop. Tricia's order: a croissant with mayo, melted provolone cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers. Aaron's: a hogie with roast beef (really quality roast beef), BBQ sauce, mushrooms, banana peppers, swiss cheese, and tomato. Toasted.

Tricia has more sandwich requests: Grilled cheese with tomato soup; and fake BLT with mayo on toast. I would take any sandwich that Tricia makes.

Tricia's Other Cravings:

Toast with cinnamon and sugar.
DQ french fries.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch with cold milk.
Dark Chocolate
A big salad with green lettuce and veggies, ranch, croutons, and cheese.
Macaroni and Cheese.
A Jamaican Rum & Coke
Veggie Burger with Chipotle sauce from Chili's.
Jamaican Coffee
Dark Chocolate

Aaron's Other Cravings:

Wendy's cheeseburger
Fruity Pebbles
Big bowl of mom's spaghetti
A cookout at dad's with burgers, cottage cheese, and mac and cheese.
Big breakfast with eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, ham and bottomless pot of coffee.
A jumbo magarita
Chocolate pie
A Steak'n'Shake Frisco melt at 1 AM (Tricia will take a Strawberry Shake)

I am craving anything with mushrooms and BBQ sauce, and Tricia would do anything for some cheese. It's funny the things you miss.


We also thought it might be fun to let you know that we started a game of Rummy when we first got here and decided to keep a running tally for the summer. Unfortunately I have fallen quite a bit behind. Score: Tricia-6410 Aaron-5340. We still have a long way to go.

Word of Wisdom:

However far a man urinates, the last drop always comes back to his feet.

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mom said...

Hi guys, I read the last entry to the girls at work and they laughed so hard. Also they are wondering what the pizza place is like there? I will make a big thing of spaghetti when you get home. Miss you guys and Love Ya MOM