Monday, June 2, 2008

Aaron's Turn

Sorry it took so long for me to share what I have been up to. But surprisingly, our internet connection hasn't been as reliable as we had hoped.

We are actually getting pretty busy, and we haven't started the busy part of the trip yet when we start traveling around rural Monrovia.

I have been principally working with the United Methodist Human Rights Monitors, basically it is an office of the church that works to protect human rights here in Liberia. They do a lot of work in the rural areas educating people about their, and bringing human rights violations that they observe to the attention of the government and the press. I have spent a lot of time discussing the human rights situation in Liberia, getting to know the officers, drafting and editing project proposals and doing some other multimedia things. Also this weekend we celebrated Peace with Justice Sunday with a parade of students and indoor program where they invited me to give a short speech. I also appeared in an interview on their radio program, which basically makes me a celebrity.

In the future we will do some traveling to different areas where they work and see some of the situations in the country where human rights are threatened, including the Firestone district. We also met with a lady who runs an interdemonoation youth and children ministry. The children put together a special welcome service for us and we had a lot of fun with them yesterday afternoon. We will spend a few of our Saturdays getting to know those kids a little bit better; and hopefully some of you back in the states will fall in love with and decide to sponsor them.

So this has been a big work week, but we really enjoy the work we are doing. If they paid us for this we might not ever go home. Actually thats not true, I am barely surviving this internet shortage. We will let you know about all of the other exciting things we are doing in the future. And unfortunately there probably will not be many picture because the connection is so slow.

It's almost dinner time, so I have to go.

Thanks for reading!

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tim.c.newman said...

For more information about Firestone's human rights abuses in Liberia, check out There you can find a list of Liberian organizations working to protect the rights of Firestone workers and their families.